Tips to exchange links with other blogs

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Backlinks are one of the most important traffic factors. Not only because visitors come to their own blog, but above all because Google attaches great importance to it.

The more good and quality backlinks come from other websites / blogs, the higher you tend to be on Google in the search results.

There are many ways to get backlinks. A popular, but not unproblematic variant is the link exchange.

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What is a link exchange?

The term “link exchange” is already relatively self-explanatory. The bottom line is, that you exchange backlinks between 2 or more websites / blogs.

This has the great advantage that you get a good backlink for free. Ideally, it is a win / win situation for the parties involved. Everyone has something of it.

However, the link exchange is not uncritical, especially because Google defines links as rating / vote for another page and blanket and exaggerated link exchange therefore not honest in Google eyes, because with the ulterior motive Google to manipulate is.

Therefore, one should be aware of the link exchange of dangers.


The dangers of the link exchange

Anyone who thinks he can easily push up his Google ranking by trading exclusively link-exchange will quickly be taught otherwise.

Because there is a great risk that Google noticed this and the corresponding links devalued (best case) or even carries out a punishment (worst case).

This is mainly because Google knows every website / blog through its crawler inside out. Not only texts, pictures etc. are recorded, but also links.

And internally, of course, Google also runs filters that try to detect certain conspicuous patterns. And if a blog has 50% backlinks from sites where links have been created at the same time, that’s pretty obvious.

So here are a few tips:

You should pay attention to the link exchange

Of course, as indicated, Google does not manually check every link. But there are relatively smart filters that check if a blog or website falls outside the norm.

For example, assuming that 10% (an assumed value) of all blog backlinks came from link exchange (would be an acceptable value, since Google does not mind if blogger friends link), you will notice, of course, if in your own blog 50% of the backlinks were created by link exchange.

Therefore, the most important link exchange tip: One should never overdo it with the link exchange. As a small part of the traffic strategy, it’s okay, but nothing more. Better to trade less high quality links than too many.

In the following further tips around the link exchange:

  • Ensures that the websites / blogs that you are using link exchange are thematically appropriate. Anyone who operates with his business blog link exchange with a casino site, is begging for punishment.
  • You should not just swap 1: 1 links. Ideally, you can include 3 or more blogs / websites in the link exchange. So not just AB, but A-> B-> C-> A.
  • This can be done not only with 2 or 3 other websites, but also with your own blogs / websites. So if you have several blogs, then you can offer a link from another blog in exchange for a link to your own main blog.
  • Link exchange should be fair. If you ask someone for link exchange, you should have something equivalent to offer. So do not beg with a brand new PR1 blog on a PR5 blog.
  • Ideally, the reciprocal links will be staggered and not all on the same day.
  • In any case, you should make sure that the websites and blogs that you use for linking are trustworthy.
  • Link exchange works best if you do it in the long term.
  • It does not always have to be the sidebar that thaws links throughout the blog. It is also worthwhile to exchange deeplinks, so a direct link to an article.

Anyone who exchanges links in a larger style and runs a professional blog, should monitor in any case, if the backlinks at the link exchange partners are all still available or already removed again (or eg with “nofollow” canceled).

For example, you can use the Internet Business Promoter. This has among other things a “link exchange” module here is the demo .

I do not know about any backlink monitoring tools, but for the regular blog, this tool is not really necessary.



Link exchange is easy, fast and free, but should not be overdone.Anyone who sticks to the above rules and tips and considers link exchange as one instrument among many should not have any problems.

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