SEO for older articles – step by step

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I have already written a lot about the general search engine optimization of blogs .

Today, however, I would like to go into a more specific application of this know-how.

It is about the search engine optimization of individual articles. Even and especially when they are older.

Why SEO for old articles?

I have in an article on “self-employed in the network” ever shown in detail that just not enough to be on page 1 on Google . The click statistics in Google show very clearly that there are massive differences between positions 1-10.

Thus, the position 1 gets on average more than half of all clicks. If you are on position 4, for example, you only get 1/14 of the traffic, which is possible in 1st place. Of course, these values ​​vary for each keyword. But nevertheless it should be clear that one can increase the traffic for this article by only one place higher in the Google search results clearly.

Optimizing old items to climb a few positions higher has the following reason. These items are already ranked and you can very well appreciate what a few more positions would bring up.

In addition, you already have backlinks and a certain trust, so it’s often easier to bring these articles to the top instead of writing a completely new article.


Which articles optimize?

The question is now, which articles should be optimized.

Here I search in the statistics for an article that already quite well ranks (page 1) and also brings some traffic. For example, if you have an item that is ranked 5 in the most important keyword rankings and brings 50 visitors a month, then you could bring it to position 2 by tweaking it and tripling it to maybe 150 visitors a month. In position 1 he would attract between 400 and 600 visitors.

Of course, the competition also plays a role and how many universal search elements Google indicates. You should look carefully how hard it is to improve the position.

Once you have found one or the other article, it starts.

Step by step

On page optimization

On the one hand, one goes first to on page optimization :

  • The title tag should be optimized. Not just to build in the right keywords, but also to increase CTR on Google. Because the title tag is displayed as a clickable title in the Google search results.
  • The description is also important. Less as an SEO factor, but because it often appears as a description under the title in Google’s search results.
  • The text itself should be optimized in such a way that one uses H1-H6 tags and uses the important search terms therein. Also, bold marks of important keywords help. In addition, these should occur more often (not too often) in the text, especially at the beginning and at the end.
  • You use pictures in the article? Then use the keywords in the alt text of the pictures! If you have no pictures in the article, then you should install a few pictures later.
  • An important factor is still the internal linking. A few backlinks from other own articles on this topic can work wonders. With changing keywords in the link texts.
  • The URL of the article should not be changed. Otherwise you risk the already existing backlinks.

It also helps a lot if you already have a good SEO plugin like wpSEO in use. This removes some onpage optimizations.


Off page optimization

The second big factor is the off page optimization . Again, you should definitely take a look at the direct competition. Where do these get their important backlinks and what makes the difference.

For the quick and easy setup of backlinks, I have already given a lot of tips in articles16 tips for easy and fast backlinks and blog start series – step 12 – backlink strategies .

Also guest articles, competitions, blog parades etc. can be used for it. Or you write a new article and link to the existing one.



Of course you should generally deal with the basics of search engine optimization and “optimizing” all articles.

But especially for articles that are based on high-search keywords, it is worth to optimize it again and one or the other position in Google to climb.

However, one should always proceed with care and take some time. Anyone who uses the mallet method to carry out all measures in one go and, for example, massively generates backlinks in just a few hours, does not have to be surprised if Google has noticed this negatively.

But if you are subtle, then this is a very good method to increase the traffic of individual articles significantly.


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