How important is Google for blogs?

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It has been quite a while since I participated in a Webmaster Friday.

But last Friday there was again an interesting topic to which I would like to contribute

my opinion and experience a little later.

It was about the question: how important is Google for your blog?

And I can write a lot about that.


Google Traffic

The most important thing Google does for websites in general and of course bloggers is traffic.

The search engine market in Germany is firmly in the hands of Google. In my blogs, Google’s share of search engines is over 95%.

With the advent of social networks, this has not really changed. Of course, Facebook, Twitter and Co. now also bring decent numbers of visitors, but that’s usually nothing compared to Google’s traffic.

The Google share of the total traffic of my blogs is between 60 and 70 percent.

Without traffic from Google would be much less going on, even if blogs have at least the advantage that there are regular readers and you are often linked by other blogs, which, among other direct visitors.

Nevertheless, a punishment by Google would hurt my blogs a lot.


Google Services

Google offers a large number of services that may also be useful to Bloggers.

I mainly use Google Analytics and the Webmaster Tools. Both are very good and useful offers, which are also free.

I would like to relinquish Google Analytics. On the one hand, I find it very mature, new functions are constantly being added and many are using it, which increases the comparability.

However, I would certainly be able to continue living without these services.

So I’m not really dependent on it.


Google AdSense

A third important offer from Google is Google AdSense.

This convenient and stable source of income certainly plays an important role for many bloggers.

It is certainly the easiest source of revenue to build and it works very well too.

I currently earn around 500 euros per month. A departure from Google AdSense would certainly not be a disaster, but it would be quite annoying.

Others rely 100% on Google AdSense as their sole source of revenue. Of course this is much riskier and then the dependence is much greater.


Dependence or advantages?

Those who do not like Google often talk about addiction. Others see above all the advantages, which brings Google with itself. I would see my assessment somewhere in between.

Of course, Google has a monopoly in the search engine market and you can see that quite critically. If you fly out of the index on Google, then you can not put on another search engine.

In this respect, of course, there is already a certain dependence. However, I would not like to imagine a heterogeneous search engine market where you would have to optimize for 5 different search engines and constantly change their algorithms.

That would certainly be no fun and if it would be more stable, is also an open question.

Basically, the dependence on Google traffic is certainly a problem and who lives from his blog, loses his earnings base, if he falls out of favor with Google.


AdSense benefits from the Google monopoly. The huge number of advertisers who make AdSense so successful would certainly not be given if Google did not have the monopoly on the search engine market.


But even here I would like to have a second major player who simply offers an alternative.



as a blogger you should do well with Google and do not try dubious SEO tricks that harm you in the long run rather than help.

But Google is also relatively easy to manipulate. Write high quality and useful articles and you will like Google.

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