How to buy or rent Backlinks and what You should pay Attention To

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Backlinks are one of the most important criteria Google uses when creating search result

rankings . That is why it is very important for (new) blogs to get backlinks from other

blogs and websites.

I have a couple of times ago in the article ” 16 tips for easy and fast backlinks ” various

ways presented, how to get backlinks for free.

But that does not always work and so I want to show today how to buy or rent backlinks

and what you should pay attention to.

In addition, the question arises, as Google sees it today and whether that makes any

sense for bloggers.


Be careful when buying or renting a link

Buy backlinks

Conclusion link purchase

Rent backlinks

Conclusion link rental

overall conclusion



Be careful when buying or renting a link

First a warning. Link purchase or link rental is not without risk.

Of course, buying or renting links is basically allowed and not illegal.

However, since Google sees the backlinks as a kind of “vote” from a website for another

website and the ranking of the search results is based among other things on these

“votes”, of course, Google only wants to include honestly set backlinks in the rating.

If Google recognizes that backlinks have been bought, the search engine giant reacts

quite differently. From the simple ignoring of the links in question to the punishment in

the Page Rank, to the (temporary) banishment from the Google index everything is



Recently, there have also been some updates on Google, which have mainly annulled link

networks or have acted against excessive keyword links. Google is increasingly opposed

to systematic link purchase / link rental. So you should not overdo it.

However, if you use the following tips responsibly and with the necessary care, nothing

should happen. Of course, I take no responsibility if Google penalized your website.

That’s why my first tip. You should be aware of opportunities and risks beforehand.

That’s why I only use link purchase and rental for smaller projects where it would not

hurt that much if Google noticed something and reacted. So please think about where

you would like to use these measures.

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Buy backlinks

As a rule, the backlink purchase consists of the payment of a one-time flat rate. The

business partner builds then for a desired link and this then remains theoretically

endless in it.

However, only theoretically, because sooner or later the partner can remove the link.

After all, he has already got his money. On the other hand, purchased links over time are

much cheaper than rented. So it has advantages and disadvantages.

For purchased links, there are also official providers for a while,

Often link purchase also takes place directly between two partners. Usually somehow the

contact comes about or the buyer asks for concrete. I always get requests by mail, if I do

not want to sell a text link for a one-time X, – Euro in the article Y. Sometimes such

requests work and then you have a cheap backlink.

But do not start to mix up other blogs and websites. I prefer the previous personal

contact. And if you then built up a large network, then you can ask one or the other, if

You need backlinks.


Conclusion link purchase

link purchase is not such a clever business model, at least in the long term, but it is

interesting for the buyer of the link.


Rent backlinks

Significantly more often you hit the link rent. In this case, a regular amount is agreed

the link buyer has to make to the link seller. Eg 20, – Euro per month.

This, of course, is a very good business model (aside from the Google threat), since you

can make regular revenue by setting a link once, which takes an estimated 7 seconds.

For the link buyer, this variant is more expensive, but it can be planned better. Because

the seller will not remove the link, of course, as long as he gets money for it.

There are some providers, such as SeedingUp *, that offer platforms to rent or rent links.

This has the advantage that you do not have to establish contacts first, but come into

direct contact with interested parties.


There are also 2 disadvantages. For one, of course, Google has its eyes on these services

and you should create an anonymous offer for security, so you will not be exposed.

Secondly, these providers of course want to earn money, which drives up prices.

But also link rental can be handled directly between 2 partners. But you have to, similar

to the link purchase but only make the contacts. But then a link rental is not a problem

and usually this is also cheaper than the above portals.


At SeedingUp you rent / rent single links. But there are also providers such as

Backlinkseller , which convey masses of backlinks. There you can specify a monthly

budget and then these providers provide for a certain number of backlinks that are

registered on matching pages of other websites that are registered with this service.


So, for example, I could order 20 backlinks for a new sports blog and then they will be

installed over a certain period of time on websites that also have sports as their theme.

Advantage of this method is that the individual links are usually much cheaper than with

individual bookings. However, you also have less control over where the links are



Conclusion link rental

Link rent is the standard model on the web, which can be a good source of income, but

also brings benefits for the buyer, even if it is of course associated with certain


Especially for blogs (and websites), which are professional and should contribute money

an initial investment in backlinks can be worthwhile.


overall conclusion

Buying backlinks is often less necessary for blogs than for other website types. With good

and readable content you often get backlinks quite quickly.

But with professional blogs or corporate blogs, this initial investment can be worthwhile.

But even as a source of income is selling links or link letting quite an interesting


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