Google SERP Domination

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Today’s article is about a trick that can increase the traffic of Google.

This is the so-called SERP Domination.

Many bloggers are not aware of this possibility. On my own blogs, this measure has proven to be very successful.

What exactly that is and how to implement it, you will learn in the following.

Google SERP Domination

Behind the English term SERP-Domination hides a clever way for individual search terms more Google users than you normally expect.

As the name implies, it’s about dominating the Google search results list, not just an entry on the first page of search results, but 2.3 or more.

“Position 1 is the most interesting, but the positions below get traffic, of course.

What, that is not possible? Sure, that works!


We need help

Of course it is not possible to cover most of the search results of the first Google page with search results of your own website or your own blog. Google has meanwhile also the domain- based SERP Domination , but this is really only for known brands.

That means we need help.

And we get this help in the form of other blogs, websites and social networks.

so I succeed in finding more than just 1-2 search result positions in the search for relevant and concrete search terms and to tap the majority of the traffic.


How do I dominate the search results?

It is a give and take. On the one hand, you have to write a really “link-worthy” article, which alone is ranked high for the targeted keywords in Google. This is much easier with 2 word combinations, of course, than for just one keyword. So long-tail is the keyword here.

The second step is to activate the helpers, social news sites, social networks, bookmarking services and other blogs. So you register your own article in various matching social websites / web directories and hopes (or actively helps) that the article is often rated there.

If the article is very interesting and also appears on social websites, then other bloggers link the article. It helps of course, if you already have a certain range, so that other bloggers noticed the interesting article and possibly link. Also, for example, on Twitter you should help.

In addition, one should make sure that the link text, with which one enters the article in social websites and directories, and the short description text contains the keywords in which one wants to be found.


No guarantee

Of course, there is no guarantee for such a SERP domination and it is clear that such dominance is more likely in niche topics and hardly in very popular keywords.

For any article that has the potential for such dominance (attractive and interesting articles), you should take the above measures and force backlinks from other blogs and social sites (and / or local and thematic directories). Then there is a good chance that at least more than one entry in the TOP 10 occupied.

And if you get used to this approach, then naturally the number of such dominating entries increases and has a positive effect on the traffic development.



This method is also so good because it works mostly only with niche keywords, but there are large parts of the traffic clearing away.

And if, as in the example, 9 of the 10 organic search results are “filled”, then that’s pretty good overall traffic.

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