Off page SEO for Blogs

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After working on blogs’ on page optimization last week, it’s about off page optimization.

This time I’m looking at SEO opportunities that you can implement outside of your own blog, so your own blog better in Google.


What is Off page SEO

Measures of the Off page search engine optimization

Get backlinks

Limitations of Off page Search Engine Optimization


What is Off page SEO?

On page optimization covers quite a few different aspects of your blog.

The off-page optimization, however, is mainly equated with one thing and these are backlinks. Google and other search engines use the number and quality of backlinks links from other sites to their own blog) as an important benchmark.

Google assumes that backlinks are set voluntarily if you like a page. It is, so to speak, a voice for the linked page.

Of course, Google knows that it tries to manipulate, but still backlinks are still very important for the success of their own blog on the search engines. Since the content can still be so good, if you are barely linked, you will not rank optimally.

Measures of the Off page search engine optimization

As I said, off page optimization is all about the backlinks. But there are a lot of factors to play with, so backlink is not the same backlink:



Basically Google tries to recognize the quality of backlinks. The higher the quality, the more positive a backlink will be. Many things play their part in quality.

The page rank of a page is no longer crucial, but of course, a higher pagerank also indicates more quality of the backlink. Also important are the rankings of a page and the topic relevance. It is usually better if the link comes from a website that handles a similar topic.

In general, one currently speaks of trust, which puts a lot of value on Google. Since so much is being manipulated, Google rates the trust in websites and blogs, and thus rates backlinks from those pages.

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Deep links
Many bloggers try to get backlinks for their own homepage. It makes a lot more sense, also Deeplinks to force, so backlinks that point to individual articles. This also benefits the homepage and thus the blog as a whole.
Of course, the amount of backlinks also plays a role. But only in conjunction with the quality. Those who rely on quantity alone will not get very far.
natural distribution and construction
It is important that your own backlinks look natural. Google automatically checks if a backlink structure looks unnatural. Especially if you buy links, you should pay attention to that. It’s very noticeable when a new blog already has a few PR4 and PR5 backlinks, but hardly any PR0 and PR1 backlinks. This is not natural and a sign of manipulation.But the time structure of backlinks should be continuous and not with a big jerk.
link text
Very important is the link text. Not always with link but now and again times with the important keywords. For blog project that would eg “Tips for Blogger” and the like. It is best if the link text is based exactly on the content of the linked article and also varies slightly.

But here, too, Google has made some changes in recent months and years. Under no circumstances should you have too many such keyword anchor texts. This is now punished. So it’s better if the majority of the anchor texts are more like “Click Here”, “Next”, the domain or similar.

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Get backlinks

It has to be said that it’s relatively easy for blogs to get backlinks. At least easier than, for example, a new regional corporate website or an affiliate website.

Personally, I’ve already tested and used some backlink generation measures, but most of the backlinks come from good content.

If you write high-quality articles that interest readers, you must market them to let others know about this article, but backlinks are generally available by themselves.

There are various options for active backlink setup

Write comments in other blogs, use social networks, sign up for Voting Sites, make directory entries, actively post in forums, post linkbaits, write guest articles, use article directories, publish press releases, sponsor a WordPress theme, use Twitter, and more.

I have various sources of backlinks here in the blog already analyzed in detail.

It is also usually a good idea to simply analyze successful competitors and find out where they get their backlinks. Often one finds in this way interesting backlink sources.

You should be a little bit careful with the link exchange and link purchase. Google does not like that, because you deliberately do both of these methods to get more backlinks. And that undermines Google’s desire to value backlinks as honest votes for a website.

On the other hand, it is quite normal in the economy to advertise your own products and buy advertising space. because Google has not developed a better way to measure the popularity of websites is certainly worthy of discussion.

The fact is that you want to rank well in Google’s search engine and then you have to play according to Google’s rules.


Limitations of Off page Search Engine Optimization

The off page optimization should not be overdone.

As with many things, it is also a question of measurement here. In the case of my blog self-employed on the net , for example, I actually only operated the backlink structure through good content and active marketing.

But there are plenty of other cases where it makes sense to actively build backlinks. This then usually ensures faster for a better ranking, as if you only have the natural backlink structure, which is quite slow at the beginning.

It should not be forgotten that off page optimization also includes other factors. For example, reputation management is very important, even if it (still) has no direct impact on the Google rankings. With the possibility to connect as an author with his articles, one is already displayed in the rankings as an author. It can be assumed that Google will value this personal level even more in the future.

And certain tricks and gimmicks, for example, to get a double entry into Google or SERP Domination (many search results relate to your own blog), go into the field of off page optimization.

So Blogger you do not have daily time to invest in backlink construction. Instead, you should spend most of your time in great articles and then market them in different ways.

That usually brings quite good and numerous backlinks.

Just to start a new blog, it can make sense to help with one or the other link. Then you should not overdo it.

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